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James is the co-owner of Safe Money One and the host of Safe Money Radio. James has made his career of 29 years in the Financial Services and Insurance business. James has a passion for helping clients understand how they can have growth without the market risks that a traditional approach may face. James accomplishes this with a planned, custom tailored approach to his clients' situation designed to protect them from any market downside and yet provide for the retirement account to grow and flourish. This approach combined with the right planning allows his clients to put in place a worry free guaranteed lifetime income plan. This guaranteed method means they never have to worry about running out of money during retirement regardless of how long they live.

Helping remove clients' important money from market volatility while helping them continue to grow their money safely is what it's all about.

James has helped countless individuals save money on their taxes and avoid retirement losses that many unnecessarily experience year after year due to market uncertainty and volatility.

He always welcomes the opportunity to help new people.

James is a family man married to his beautiful wife, Kim of 30 years. Together they have 4 amazing children.

They say if you love what you do then you never "work" a day in your life. It is from that passion that Brandon Herbst founded Safe Money One with his brother, James. With abackground in Insurance and risk mitigation for over 20 years, Brandon has been helping those that are at, near, or approaching retiremnt by educating them on teh best strategies to grow their retirement assets in these volatile times. "I look at my job as an opportunity to educate, not to sell. Helping people understand what strategies are available to them is an opportunity I truly cherish. Many folks do not realize they can keep their principal safe from market risk while still having the opportunity to earn a solid rate of return while also having the ability to receive an income stream that they and tehir spouse can never outlive."

Brandon has been married to his longtime partner, Stephanie, for nearly 8 years. Together they have one young son, two pugs, and a shichon.

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